BLM Proposal–Close McDermitt Areas to Collecting to Protect Sage Grouse

Hello Reno Gem and Mineral Society,

I am contacting you to let you know about a proposal from the BLM that is going to close millions of acres to protect the sage grouse. This affects Nevada. I’ve given you three links; Proposal Alert, Interactive Map and Written Concerns. The Proposal Alert link shows the alert notice. The map shows areas to be closed. For example, I looked closely and found that the McDermitt areas will be closed to both digging and off-highway driving. And lastly, the Written Concerns link shows how to voice your written concerns.

The public has through March 30th to submit written concerns.

Proposal Alert:

BLM Idaho management plan to prohibit hobby rock collecting

Interactive Map:

Written Concerns

Good luck,

Mike Unruh

Post expires at 9:40am on Sunday April 9th, 2017

Nevada Assembly Bill on Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Mining

Nevada Citizens involved in prospecting, mineral, gem collecting,
Nevada club members be aware of Nevada’s Assembly Bill 101 “Assembly Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Mining”.  It affects negatively with the club’s ability to prospect in Nevada for minerals.  If approved by the Assembly it could reach Governor Brian Sandoval’s desk for acceptance or veto in immediate future.  Ask Governor Brian Sandoval to veto.
Please use this URL to view top level description:
Please choose “View Bill in NELIS” to review or use this URL:
How to email Governor Brian Sandoval:

USGS Quad Maps – Free Download

Great news for anyone who likes to use USGS Maps when they are out and about! National Geographic has announced a FREE site to download AND print quad maps. If you are interested, check this out: Page one of the print is an overview of that specific quad. Pages 2-5 is the quadrant broken down for printing. The one I checked out was from 1997 but a lot of the roads we still use are on them.
The site is pretty self explanatory and you can zoom in pretty quickly. Let us know what you think.

National Geographic Maps makes the world’s best wall maps, recreation maps, travel maps, atlases and globes for people to explore and understand the world.

Artisan Craft Fairs – 2016


Twice a year we have a wonderful event called the Artisan Craft Fair, featuring items sold by our members.  We have the fabulous “Wheel of Fortune” for the younger crowd, where everyone is a winner!

Please pass on this invitation to all your friends and come to our Fair.  We’ll be selling unique jewelry and pendants, fossils, mineral specimens, faceted gems and cabochons, just to name a few of our items to keep or give as gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, and all the gift-giving holidays.  Looking forward to seeing your smiling faces at our booths!
As always, free parking and no admission charge.

Post expires at 11:19am on Tuesday November 29th, 2016

Pershing County Lands Bill – Public Town Hall Meeting 5/17/2016



Pershing Co. Lands Bill

The Pershing Co. Board of Commissioners will hold a Town Hall Meeting on Tuesday, May 17, 2016, 6:00 p.m., at the Pershing Co. Community Center, 820 6th St., Lovelock, Nv.  The meeting will focus on discussion and comments related to wilderness, wildlife and orhter special interests affected by the proposed Wilderness Lands Bill (Pershing County Economic Development and Conservation Act).  Specific topics of discussion and comment will include, but are not limited, to the following:  Disposal of Specified BLM Lands; Disposition of Proceeds; Authorized Land Conveyances; Conveyance of Specified BLM Lands to Pershing County (Unionville Cemetery);  Designation of Specified Wilderness Areas; and Release of Selected Wilderness Study Ares.  (there will be another meeting on May 18,2016, for overview of all three meetings)

Maps, Fact Sheets and the draft bill can be found at:  (County Services-Pershing County Lands)

October 2015: Gary Atkins on Field Trip Emergency Survival

Our guest speaker for October was Gary Atkins. Gary is a member of our Society and also an experienced field trip participant. Gary spoke on preparation of materials we all should think about taking with us into the field.

Gary brought one of his “emergency” backpacks he carries when with him at all times.  Attached is a suggested “list” of survival items to thing about for your “survival” pack.