Camp Paradise not affected by Ponderosa wildfire

Dear Societies,

For those of you who have members attending Camp Paradise the 2nd week (September 3-9), please let them know that the Ponderosa wildfire will not affect camp. The fire is traveling northwest which is the opposite direction from Camp Paradise which is good news for us. Today the smoke cannot even be seen at the campgrounds. I am attending camp the 2nd week, and  look forward to seeing you all soon.

Thank you!


From: American Lands Access Association <>
Date: July 13, 2017 at 8:53:19 AM PDT
Subject: ALAA Info Alert – Senior Pass

To all ALAA Members and Friends,

If you do not have one and are 62 or older this is your last chance to get your Senior Pass for just $10.00.  Read why below.

American Lands Access Association

Happy Rockhounding and Enjoy Your Public Lands


On Tuesday December 6, 2016, in the lame duck session of Congress, the House passed by unanimous consent a bill (HR 4680) that will eliminate the $10 lifetime Senior Pass (formerly Golden Age Pass) which has been available to citizens and permanent residents age 62 and over since 1965.

In the early hours of Saturday morning December 10, in a nearly empty Senate chamber—most members having already left for the holidays—the Senate approved the House bill by unanimous consent. It was signed by President Obama before he left office.

The lifetime pass will track with the price of the annual America the Beautiful Pass. That price is currently $80 but can be changed at any time by the federal land management agencies, without further legislation. 

For those who prefer an installment plan, a new “Senior Annual” pass will also be established at a price of $20, good for one year from the date of purchase. Four consecutive Senior Annual passes can be exchanged for a lifetime pass.

While there have been a multitude of bills introduced (and programs authorized) aimed at giving new groups free or reduced-cost access to the public lands – 4th Graders, military families, those with disabilities, veterans, volunteers – it is difficult to understand why Congress has taken this opportunity to reduce a long-standing benefit to seniors. The $20-$35 million in anticipated additional revenue (depending on whose estimate you choose) will make little dent in the Park Service’s claimed maintenance backlog of $12 BILLION.

All of this was done in the guise of celebrating the centennial of the National Park Service, although why making the Parks more expensive to visit constitutes a “celebration” remains a mystery. 

The benefits of the Senior Pass include entrance to all National Parks and Wildlife Refuges that charge entrance fees, for the passholder and everyone accompanying them in the same vehicle. Where an NPS unit or a Refuge charges a per-person fee, the passholder can bring in three companions age 16 or older. (Those under age 16 are free anyway.) The Senior Pass also covers Standard Amenity Fees at most Forest Service, BLM, Bureau of Reclamation, and Army Corps of Engineers sites. In addition, Senior passholders are entitled to a 50% discount on campground fees for the site they occupy, including any younger friends and family members who accompany them.

These benefits are grandfathered- (and grandmothered-) in for existing passholders. So if you have attained the age of 62 and have not yet purchased your lifetime Senior Pass, you should do it IMMEDIATELY. Passes are sold at National Parks, Forest Service, BLM and Bureau of Reclamation offices, National Wildlife Refuges, and Army Corps of Engineers recreation sites. Passes can be purchased online at the USGS Store, but online purchases will incur a $10 service charge in addition to the (for now) $10 price of the pass. Your pass is good for the rest of your life unless lost or stolen. Many people buy an extra to keep in a safe place. Doing so at this time is something to consider because buying a replacement in the future could cost you much more.

The price increase is going to take effect on August 28, 2017. That’s well ahead of the previously announced effective date of October 1. So if you are going to attain age 62 before August 28, don’t wait – it will cost you eight times more after that date!



As Elvis would sing “it’s Now or Never”

Editor, The Conglomerate

National Parks Senior Pass Fee Increase

If you go to ANY National park or Public Lands requiring an entry fee, are 62 or older, and do not already have a Golden Age Pass (Senior Pass), then PLEASE READ THIS ANNOUNCEMENT by clicking here.

If you do not have one and are 62 or older, this is your last chance to get your lifetime Senior Pass for just $10.00. 

Congress, under Obama, increased the pricing for this pass,  BUT you still have a chance to get one if you act before August 28, 2017.

Click here for full details.

Artisan Craft Fairs – 2017

Twice a year we have a wonderful event called the Artisan Craft Fair, featuring items sold by our members.  We have the fabulous “Wheel of Fortune” for the younger crowd, where everyone is a winner!  Our next fair is October 6th thru 8th, 2017 at the Reno Town  Mall!

Please pass on this invitation to all your friends and come to our Fair.  We’ll be selling unique jewelry and pendants, fossils, mineral specimens, faceted gems and cabochons, just to name a few of our items to keep or give as gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, and all the gift-giving holidays.  Looking forward to seeing your smiling faces at our booths!
As always, free parking and no admission charge.