COVID-19 Shut Down

RGMS is effectively closed for April
Happy April, Reno Rockhounds! Unfortunately, it’s no April Fool’s joke that RGMS has cancelled, postponed, or rescheduled all of our events for the month. This includes classes, meetings, what was scheduled to be our first field trip of the season, and even our huge Jackpot of Gems show. We’re just as disappointed as you are, but please understand these calls were made to protect our members and their families and weren’t made lightly at all. read more

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USGS Quad Maps – Free Download

Great news for anyone who likes to use USGS Maps when they are out and about! National Geographic has announced a FREE site to download AND print quad maps. If you are interested, check this out: Page one of the print is an overview of that specific quad. Pages 2-5 is the quadrant broken down for printing. The one I checked out was from 1997 but a lot of the roads we still use are on them.
The site is pretty self explanatory and you can zoom in pretty quickly. Let us know what you think. read more


Lapidary class can teach you the basics of cutting and shaping cabochons. The process takes you through the steps of selecting a slab of stone, drawing a design, using a trim saw to cut the stone, and shaping and polishing your cabochon. The class also covers the basics of shop safety and how to use lapidary equipment. read more