Classes Offered

Classes Offered

The RGMS Work Shop

Classes for the purpose of creating finished items including jewelry from gem, mineral, fossil and other materials are offered on-site, in our community and throughout the West: including but not limited to mineral identification, lapidary arts, silver smithing and metal working, lost-wax casting, hard-stone carving, flint napping, wire-wrapping, beading and micro-mounting. These classes are taught by members, some of whom are masters-level teachers. To further learning, a multi-media library is maintained by RGMS.

Want to take or teach a new class? Have any ideas or suggestions? E-mail Jennifer Rhodes or talk to her at the general meeting! All official information regarding scheduling and class details is published in The Conglomerate.

All registration/sign ups for classes are done at the General Monthly Meeting (1st Wednesday monthly).

Please Note: To register for classes you must either be a member or have $1 million of liability insurance naming RGMS as the certificate holder. If you are not a member, unless you present a valid insurance certificate at registration, you must wait until the next general meeting after you join to register for classes. Your insurance is included in the RGMS membership fee.

While classes are geared towards adults, children may register for classes at the discretion of the instructor. Please note there are different from the “children-only” classes we will be offering in the future through Junior Rockhounds (which will be scheduled at more “kid-friendly” times).

All members are required to take the Beginning Lapidary class on Tuesday nights in order to use the shop. Students learn the proper use and care of lapidary equipment in addition to the basics of lapidary.

Some of the regular classes include:

  • lapidary cabochon making
  • silver jewelry
  • wax casting
  • beading
  • wire wrap jewelry

Special classes we’ve held include:

  • carving (wood and stone)
  • bird houses
  • fountains
  • rock identification
  • GPS use
  • basket making

RGMS Class List

Suggestions are accepted for new class ideas. When enough students sign-up and an instructor is found new classes can be scheduled.