Field Trip Report – April 2020

We now have a date for our trip to the Otteson turquoise mine. This trip is planned for Sunday, June 28th and is located just outside of Tonopah. This is a fee dig. The cost is $150 dollars per person or $250 per couple. This is a half day dig and they say you will get a bucket of material. I will have a sign-up sheet at April’s meeting* or you can email me at and I can put you on the list. There is a limit on the number of people that can attend, and I’ll pass that information on as soon as I get it. I know it is at least 20. 

Rockhounding takes us to all kinds of locations, and it is YOUR responsibility to know where you are. Is it private, blm, or a claim? There are many resources, especially with the technology we have today, to know where you are at all times. One that I use on my phone is called onX hunt. It runs $30 dollars per year and it’s like having a gps. It also shows who owns the land, you can mark your vehicle location, and it will track you while you hike. Another resource to view claims is called and shows mining claims for several different states including Nevada. Just click on Nevada, then click on the map, and all the claims show up. You can look at just the active claims by clicking on filter, then click disposition and click active. I also like to change the map to satellite; that way you can see the terrain better. When you click on the claim, you will get information about the claim and the owner. With these resources and others there is no reason not to know where you are, and who owns the land or the claim. 
Our other scheduled trips are :
May 15th-17th Gabbs
June 6 Lovelock (day trip)
June 28 Tonopah turquoise dig. 
August 14th-16thBlackrock Desert 
Look for more information on these trips in upcoming issues of the Conglomerate. If you would like to lead a trip or make suggestions please reach out to me at
That’s all for now. Happy hounding!

*ED: April meeting is cancelled. Best to email Rob ASAP.

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